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We are one of only a few companies that offer a bespoke service that is free of charge.

We believe that all our customers are unique and therefore should have the opportunity to create something unique for their home. We believe in the art of co-creation and work with many individuals, and interior designers to create the perfect rug.

With this service you can either tweak a current pattern or order any size, any pattern and in any colour combination. You can also choose to add gold or silver thread, fancy tassels, pom-poms or have a traditional trim or no trim at all. The possibilities are endless and you decide.

Our bespoke service takes approximately 50 days from start to finish.



We ship worldwide for $40

INDIA: Free Shipping



All our Dhurries are flatwoven which means they are double sided making them practical as well as being beautiful.

Dhurries were originally woven as hard wearing floor coverings where the Summers were hot and the winters were cold, in summer they were used to cool the houses down and in winter they were used as a form of insulation.

To this day they are still very hard wearing and extremely easy to clean.

We recommend they are spot cleaned with cool water and soap and for annual cleaning they ought to be taken to a carpet specialist who will hand wash the entire rug in the traditional way.

Never dry clean unless its recommended by a carpet specialist.

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